图片特效调色尺寸缩放摄影修图软件 ON1 Effects + Resize + Photo RAW 2018.5 v12.5.3.5757 Win/Mac破解版

ON1 Effects + Resize + Photo RAW 2018

ON1 Effects包含多种调色滤镜、预设、相框、贴图等,可以快速给图片添加特效效果

  • Adding style is part of what defines you as a photographer. Effects 2018 includes hundreds of stackable filters, presets, borders, and textures to help create your style. Whether you’re looking to add an HDR look, convert to B&W, bring out more detail, reduce noise, or enhance a portrait, don’t use five different plug-ins when ON1 Effects 2018 is your one-stop solution.

ON1 Resize 可以随意对图片尺寸进行修改,同时保留大量细节

  • ON1 Resize 2018 is the ultimate image resizer for when you need the highest quality enlargements — with Genuine Fractals® technology —to resize your photos for print. You can quickly resize photos without loss of sharpness or detail. ON1 Resize 2018 also includes one of the fastest ways to view, cull, and edit photos — ON1 Browse. It’s the new starting point for your editing and resizing workflow.

ON1 Photo RAW 适合摄影师使用,可以制作漂亮的HDR效果,强大的遮罩选区功能等

  • ON1 Photo RAW 2018 includes the essential tools and features photographers need in their workflow. Fast photo management, hundreds of customizable photo effects, fast and beautiful HDR, panos, masking and selection tools, layers, and much more—in one app

Win版本:Effects下载      Resize下载     Photo RAW下载

Mac版本:Effects下载      Resize下载     Photo RAW下载


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